triple j Unearthed High acts to keep an eye out for...

This is a weekly updated list of new music from triple j Unearthed High artists (people that live in Australia and are still in High School). If you're looking to make some new music discoveries, check this out! Full list of my favourites on Facebook Page:

Congratulations to Arno Faraji for Winning triple j Unearthed High this year!

Twenty Fifth of June

Ballast – For Now (Electronic) 

This track reminds me a lot of another Unearthed High artist, Max Black. It is really rough and in your face, which I really like. There is a lot of percussion elements in this song, most noticeably that really big snare, that push the song beyond your usual EDM track.

Vincere – Monuments (Indie Rock) 

The first thing I notice about this song is how striking the vocals are! There’s something really mysterious about them, made possible by the reverb echoes played in the background whilst the vocals are sung. The instrumental aspects of the song are executed very well too!

The Fool – The Concept of Pain (Electronic) 

What an interesting track! There are so many different sounds throughout this track, it kind of makes it sounds like you’re in a science lab or something, like there’s some great big experiment going on that you’re there to witness. I really love those big synth sounds!

Room 25 – Passive Aggressive (Rock) 

The song here is super catchy and upbeat. I love the energy this track offers, it just goes all out and is really effective at doing so.

Jared Smith – Little Lost Petal (Indie/ Roots) 

This has got to be one of my favourite recent Unearthed High discoveries! It is so sweet and beautiful. I love it! The vocals in this song are amazing, the instrumentals are great, and the lyrics are really innocent and sweet. Well done with this track!

Rory Adams – Stare (Indie/ Pop) 

A very well produced song! I have really been digging this track recently. It just does so many things well which make it sound so professional. I am super excited to hear more from Rory!

Bergsma – Rise (Electronic) 

That bassline! What a dance tune! There is a heap of energy in this track, especially around the drop part at 0.50 and 2.00. Really solid work!

RAMBALLAM – Gateway + Dithyramb (Electronic) 

Awesome two tracks! There is a heap of synth action here which gives the two songs so much energy (it’s funny how you have the same “thank you for trying this demo voice” in your songs because of the Sylenth1 demo version, cause I had the same happened with my songs – J). I must say though, I love Gateway, especially the start and end of the track at around 2.00. It also has a nice interlude part as well. I am really looking forward to hearing what comes out next!

Cleapatra – Watch Me Bleed (Indie) 

The vocals here sound a lot like George Maple. The song is simple, while it is nice and catchy and flows very well. There are also some cool echo effects in the background at around 2.30 which I like.

Lili Crane – High Speed (Indie Rock) 

Nice and simple track. I really like the vocals, there’s something really special about them. The lyrics tell a nice story as well.

Sam Dyball – I Don’t Think About It (Electronic/ Pop) 

Solid production here! It works really well with the song and allows it to flow, and that’s what I love about it. There’s a nice edit to the vocals here which gives it kind of a electro disco like feel. I also enjoyed the vocal echoes at the end of the song.

Abasi – Year 7 (Indie Rock) 

Very chilled vibes from this song. The name seems highly appropriate for the song, because it reminds me of a lot of my youthfulness back in Year 7. If you’re in need of some nice summer tunes to get you through your week, I would highly recommend this song. It has been really well put together.

Sam Allen – Child (Indie Roots) 

This is a really nice rock track. I especially love the end part at 3.15! So many good instrumental elements to this song. And the vocals are very strong too.

Eleventh of June

Bailey Black – Miss Black (Indie/ Roots)

Another great release this week which has very clever writing behind it. This song talks about a character Miss Black whose time has come to serve time in prison. The song is simple, whilst very effective in what it achieves as a nice little song. You can listen to the track here:

August – Augustus Rain (Electronic)

This song reminds me of those nights where you can hear the rain slowly pouring outside as you just lie in bed. It has a nice feel to it, made possible by that lovely piano play in the song. You can listen to the track here:

Tusk – Repulse feat. OnDeck (Electronic)

I can 100% here Flume vibes in this latest release by Tusk. I loved the last two tracks he had released to Unearthed, and it is great to hear the artist trying new things with this tune. I love the way in which he has done those brief little scatter sound moments throughout the song, it reminds me a lot of Flume’s ‘Smoke & Retribution.’ I also think that the sound design in the song has been done really well. And it is nice to see a rap element integrated into the song as well. I am looking forward to seeing what comes next for Tusk. You can listen to the track here:

Rachel Tidbury – Embers (Indie/ Roots)

Beautiful. Peaceful. That is what I would use to describe the easefulness of this song. Rachel’s voice stands out here, especially around 1.40 and 2.10. The song is catchy, and all up, very nice to listen to. You can listen to the track here:

ok2222 – Hold On (Part 4) feat. love-sadKiD and lanie (Electronic)

A short but sweet song this is. I like the various production elements of this song. The clock ticking at the start and the xylophone at the end work really well when brought aside with the hip-hop/ rap like areas of this track. You can listen to the track here:

Tokyo Twilight – Waves feat. Mosaic (Electronic)

Tokyo Twilight yet again brings forth a wide range of production skills in this new track of his. It sounds really playful, and reminds me a lot of a Hermitude kind of track. I especially love the part around 1.30. You can listen to the track here:

Milkpunch – Iced Tea (Indie Rock)

What a solid rock track! I mean, that solo part at around 2.30 was super cool. And I like that little sample bit at the end as well. You can listen to the track here:

Clean Cut Society - All It Took Was Everything (Indie Rock)

What an awesome electric guitar solo at the 2.20 mark! I loved the other two tracks these guys uploaded to Unearthed, but this one just stands out to me. I am excited to hear what comes next for this group. You can listen to the track here:

Grace Robinson – With Fire (Indie/ Roots)

Lyrically, this song is very impressive. It delves into a kind of two face/ revenge kind of story which adds another layer of depth to this track. I also really love that trumpet solo at around 3.30! You can listen to the track here:

Noah Ehrlich – Renegade (Electronic)

The composition here really reminds me of Thrupence. There is something that is just calming here that I really like. I especially love that little bass transition at around 0.30. You can listen to the track here:

Muted – Cosmopolitan (Electronic)

Talk about an upbeat tune! I love the mixtures of sounds used in this track. It just makes you feel really happy! You can listen to the track here:

Abbey Gardner – Collide (Indie/ Roots)

A very strong production in this song. It is catchy, Abbey’s vocals are sweet, and the electric guitar and piano elements work really well in pushing forward the song. You can listen to the track here:

Kyloo – Binding (Electronic)

This song reminds me of something out of a video game soundtrack. I could imagine listening to it playing Mario Kart or something on the Wii. It really brings out playfulness and fun. You can listen to the track here:

Yasmine Hosseini – Angels (Indie/ Roots)

Bringing out the country vibes, this song is one that is very peaceful and soothing. You can listen to the track here:

Twenty Eighth of May

TOBIAS - Jess (Hip Hop)

I can hear Frank Ocean R&B influences in this track. It is a super chilled song that flows very nice. There are also some cool parts of the song where Tobias inserts his own recorded dialogue and some other human sounds. You can listen to the track here:

Taj Ralph - Night Catcher (Indie Rock)

Taj Ralph keeps impressing each song he releases! The guy really has so much potential as an Australian artist, I am so excited to see where he heads next. His last track 'Beat the Keeper' was amazing, and I assure you 'Night Catcher' does not fall short. His vocals are superb! I've had this song on rotation for the past few days, and cannot stop myself from listening to it. You can listen to the track here:

Maple - Everlasting (Roots)

What a beautiful track this is. The ukulele and the sweet vocals of these two make for a song that is really special. I can imagine this being the introduction to a classic Disney film, it even sounds like a song out of Mary Poppins. There is a lot to love about this song, and it is one that I would really recommend you check out. You can listen to the track here:

RICEWINE - Today & Flood (Indie Pop)

Pure and utter chill these two songs are. They really ease all tension and just let you sit back and release, almost in a meditative kind of way. The vocals of RICEWINE sound great and there is really well thought out writing behind both tracks. I am keen to hear more music from RICEWINE. You can listen to these two tracks here:

Ella E - Easier (Indie Pop/ Rock)

I love the writing behind this song, it is very clever. The chorus is catchy, the lyrics are quirky and the backing is great too. I especially love the part around 1:30 with the number chants. You can listen to the track here:

ALIA$ - WHY LORD (Hip Hop)

The female vocals in this track sound beautiful! There is exceptional production behind this track, it really sounds highly professional. I look forward to seeing how ALIA$ develops their music into the future. You can listen to the track here:

Tusk - Because I Cry & Time Your Emergence (Electronic)

I cannot describe how good these two tracks by Adelaide producer Tusk are! I love them to bits! There is a heap of side chaining, reverb, misc and ambient sounds. I especially love the drop in Because I Cry around 2:00. I can clearly hear a unique style that Tusk has developed for himself. There are traces of Flume and Nosaj Thing throughout but different versions of them, versions that we haven't seen before. And that's what makes me love them so much, the way that they seem so familiar but so new too. If you are into electronic music you must check Tusk out! You can listen to these two tracks here:
Time Your Emergence:
Because I Cry:

Airline Food - Another Time (Indie Rock)

Talk about Tame Impala vibes! This is such a psychedelic tune. And that guitar solo at the end, absolutely crazy! If you are in need of some rock tunes to uplift you, I would check this out. You can listen to the track here:

Sunken Hill - Just Ask (Indie Rock)

Might I just say that harmonica solo (11/10)! This is a super awesome track. It is the kind of track you would imagine yourself listening to on a tropical beach staring into the sunset in your absolute chill mode. You can listen to the track here:

Twenty Second of May

KYLE BRYANT - Back Then (Indie/ Pop)

There is a lot to like in this song by Kyle Byrant. His vocals remind me of Sam Smith, and they are really exceptional. I love the nice vibes this track lets out. The chorus is catchy and the supporting vocalist fits into the song really well. I would most definitely give this one a listen. You can listen to the track here:


ERIN WHITFIELD - Limb By Limb (Indie)

I can really hear the London Grammar influences in this song. The chorus sounds really nice, the vocals are executed extremely well, and the outro of the song really gives it a solid finish. Erin has done a great job on this song! You can listen to the track here:

LUKE HANSEN - No More (Indie/ Pop)

Great guitar work in this track! The effects on the vocals give out this kind of ambient like sound and they sound great. The ending of the song is really well put together as well. You can listen to the track here:

SŸDE - Orbit feat. ASHE (Electronic)

The vocals on this track are absolutely beautiful! The guitar rift works really well with the vocals. It reminds me a lot of Japanese Wallpaper's Forces in its really chilled composition. You can listen to the track here:

CHLOE DADD - Gushing (Indie Rock/ Roots)

The guitar loops, chorus and warming vocals really make this song something special. I especially love the guitar solo during the mid part of the song, it gives of Tash Sultana 'Jungle' vibes. I cannot wait to hear more from Chloe in her future uploads. You can listen to the track here:

Fourteenth of May

NOVA - Get Loose (Electronic/EDM)
If you are in need of an upbeat electronic sound for your night, check this one out. Sounding a lot like Dillon Francis, this tune builds a heap of hype around it before it hits its massive drop! You can tell that a wide range of artists have influence this song. You can listen to the track here:

MALIA - Hidden (Indie)
This is such a beautiful track. I love Malia's amazing vocals, they are so sweet and peaceful. So talented! It is such an easy listen and has really great production behind it, I really like the strings of the song, they are so calm and work perfectly at establishing the songs peaceful tone. I would highly recommend this. You can listen to the track here:

CHASING VELVET - Ever After (Pop Rock)
I really like this song, it kind of reminds me of Little Mix. There is solid production in the song, my favourite would be the radio like audio effects that come up at various points in the song. If you are looking for emerging Australian girl rock groups to get your head around, I would check these guys out. You can listen to the track here:

Seventh of May

MAX BLACK - Foreign Gaup (Electronic)
This track is super trippy. It kind of reminds me of walking home alone at 2.00 at night, and how the world seems to morph into a completely different state to it was during the day... Would highly recommend you listen. You can listen to the track here:

Taj Ralph - Beat the Keeper (Indie Rock)
This is a super chilled track. It is an indie rock song, that has kind of a hypnotic attraction with its distorted vocals, guitar rift and background textures. The outro at the end of the song is great also! Keep your eyes out for any future release by Taj Ralph, this is a very impressive debut. You can listen to the track here:

èlk - Tranquility (Hip Hop)
If you're into hip hop, particularly chilled hip hop, you must check this out! The song follows a lover pursuing his describing the emotions he shares for his love. The beat is really catching, simple, and works great with the tone of the song. Would check this out. You can listen to the track here:

Lucy Sugerman - Message Bank (Indie/Roots)
With Lucy's amazing vocals, along with a really nice guitar and piano backing, this song is most definitely one to check out - especially if you're in need of some nice and peaceful study music to keep you going. Coming off The Voice this year, there is a lot to look out for with Lucy and her future music releases. You can listen to the track here:

Green Dick - Circles (Indie Rock)
Such a catchy song. There is a really nice rift here which brings out the positive side of us. Plus, there is an awesome guitar solo at the end! If you're feeling down, check this one out. You can listen to the track here:

ok2222 - Phone Calls (Electronic)
There are some awesome uses of samples in this electro-experimental track by ok2222. I really love the way they have integrated mobile phone samples into the song. It is just a such neat tune! You can listen to the track here:

Tokyo Twilight - MTNS - Fears (Tokyo Twilight Remix) (Electronic)
Love this remix! Super super chilled out, really deep atmospheric kind of tone. Would recommend listening with headphones, really gives out the songs dreamy vibes. You can listen to the track here:

PILOT - Sunsets (Electronic)
Might I just say, this song is such a g'up! I love almost every single part of this! It is catchy, has a great drop, and it is so cinematic. Love this so much! I cannot wait to see what PILOTS releases next. If you're into Future Bass, I'd check this out! You can listen to the track here: